Sweet Dreams Online Yoga Workshop

Join Paige on 22 August at 3:30pm online for a 90 min workshop to help you create the sweetest dreams! Through this interactive workshop we will discuss our own experiences and share our journey towards finding stillness in sleep. In this modern world, and during a global crisis, it is increasingly difficult to process the […]

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Yoga postures for sleep

yoga postures for sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping?  Mind still churning till early hours of the morning?  Do you feel tired during the day with no energy and lack motivation?  Put your phone to the side, it’s only stimulating you more.  Instead, wind down from the day and switch off your mind.  Here are 4 yoga postures for […]

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Yoga Nidra with Swami Yogasagar

A yogi is one who is detached and liberated (moksha) from the influence of the mind. We often hear teachers advising us to live in the moment. But how is it possable when the mind is full of desire and reacting to every experience with strong emotional involvement. Yoga Nidra is an experience that can […]

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