Hatha Yoga Podcast: Joint Stability


A gentle and relaxing Hatha yoga class with emphasis on joint stability.

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What can we change: Budokon Yoga Podcast

budokon yoga podcast

In this Budokon Yoga Podcast class we focus on what we can change.  What is in our power, and what is beyond our control. This class was recorded at Earth Yoga Studio. Izelle Nair is leading the class.

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Yoga Podcast: The Eagle Has Landed

yoga podcast

This is a free yoga podcast, recorded during a yoga class at Earth Yoga.  In this 60 minute yoga flow class enjoy different transitions from Eagle Pose (Garudasana).  This is a level 1 – 2 class. Please listen to your body and do not strain. Lead by Izelle Nair.

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Begin Budokon Yoga


Join Izelle and Malcolm for a weekend of Budokon Yoga and dive into the 7 sections of the Budokon Yoga Primary Series. This workshop series is for beginners. Come with a willingness to learn and challenge yourself. Learn new ways to move and change the way you think. What makes this style of yoga unique is […]

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Yoga for Health Course


Are you looking to improve your health and overall wellbeing? Studies show that Yoga can improve health and general wellbeing. Yoga also helps to relief stress and improve flexibility, strength and awareness. This Yoga for Health Course is designed to get you started with a regular yoga practice. After this course you can continue on your […]

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