Pregnancy yoga has many benefits including mental, physical and social benefits.  Practicing yoga when you are pregnant will help with shortness of breath, heartburn, lower back pain and many other ailments that woman experience when pregnant.  Pregnancy yoga is an excellent way to prepare for all stages of birth.

Research have shown that woman that do yoga during pregnancy experience an easier, as well as a shorter labour. Pregnancy yoga teaches moms to be present and go with the flow, so that they can handle the birth process however it may turn out. Calm mommy = calm baby.  Pregnancy yoga will help you to realize your potential and help you savor and enjoy this time in your life.

All trimesters are welcome.  You do not need previous yoga experience to join the class.

Make new friends with other moms, grow your support group, and learn how to deal with your fear so that you can take your power back and feel more confident about giving birth.

Please contact us to book a class.