Sweet Dreams Online Yoga Workshop

Join Paige on 22 August at 3:30pm online for a 90 min workshop to help you create the sweetest dreams!

Through this interactive workshop we will discuss our own experiences and share our journey towards finding stillness in sleep. In this modern world, and during a global crisis, it is increasingly difficult to process the uncertainty and our heightened stress levels often negatively affect our sleep. Making you feel as if you are in a snow ball of difficult days and sleepless nights adding one on top of another.

It’s time for change, and all you need is your beautiful self!

In this workshop we will experience –

  •  Yoga Asanas and Sequences to help you prepare for sleep
  • Breathwork
  • Setting up a night time routine, and
  • The art of Yoga Nidra

This workshop will equip you with the tools to set up for your best sleep ever, and we will work towards placing you in a state of bliss before you quietly slip into slumber…
The sleep fairies will be sharing their tricks and tools to make sure your dreams are magical and you experience the wonders of a restful nights sleep 💫

When:  22 August 2020
Time:  3:30pm – 5pm
Where:  Online on Zoom (you will receive the broadcast link once you book)
Fee:  R200
Booking:  https://bookamat.co/embed/schedule/earth-yoga-studio/book/153653