Sky Yoga Teacher Training

Already completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training? Looking for the next step? Do you want to grow your skills as a yoga teacher and deepen your yoga practice? This Sky Yoga Teacher Training is a 9 week part time course, 6 hours per weekend. Learn the skills to teach and practice Sky Yoga Safely and confidently.

Sky Yoga is an Aerial style of Yoga that incorporates a silk hammock. With the help of this prop, more advanced postures become more accessible and the easier postures become more challenging. This allows us the opportunity to look at our practice, bodies and mind from a new perspective.

We also use our ‘pulling’ muscles more, providing a perfect balance to our floor practice. We can practice postures in the sky and work on tumbling and tricks, adding a fun element to the practice.

When hanging the hammock low we can give our students a very gentle and relaxed experience.  The hammock allows us to root into the ground, yet be fluid and free to sway and move. This is very helpful for people that suffer from PTSD and stress. Learn the tools to adjust and assist safely during a sky yin class and take your students into a deeper state of ease.

Course layout:

This course is divided into two modules:

Sky Yoga (35 hours, every Saturday)

Sky Yin / Restorative Yoga (Pre-natal safe) (35 hours, every Sunday)

Course Times:

Saturdays 2pm – 5pm (Sky Yoga)

Sundays 10:30am – 1:30pm (Sky Yin Yoga)

Course Dates:

6 – 7 July

13 – 14 July

20 – 21 July

27 – 28 July

3 – 4 August

17 – 18 August

24 – 25 August

31 August – 1 September

7 – 8 September

Course includes:

2 module manuals

5 Sky Yoga classes at Earth Yoga Studio

5 Sky Yin Yoga classes at Earth Yoga Studio

Participants must assist in 10 classes (5 sky and 5 yin).

Participants will qualify once they pass the practical and theory exam, and if all hours are attended. It’s up to the participant to make up the hours if you miss a class.

Limited spaces, small groups only to assure personal attention to each participant. Please Register.

Guest Teachers:

Carly Bowden

Malcolm Nair

This Sky Yoga Teacher Training is led by Izelle Nair, owner and co-creator of Earth Yoga and Sky Yoga since 2012.

Course Fee:

R12 000 (Deposit R4 000 with R2 000 monthly instalments until all fees are paid in full)

Early Bird R10 000 (Pay before 30 April)

No certificates will be issued until all fees are paid and all course requirements are met.

Please note there are no refunds on deposit or any of the course fees.