Shoulder Rehab Workshop

Improve your yoga practice

Join Malcolm Nair for a Shoulder Rehab Workshop.  Improve your shoulder mobility and strengthen the weak points.  Sort out your shoulder pain once and for all and learn the tools and exercises to help you maintain a healthy shoulder joint.

1 in 5 South Africans suffer from chronic shoulder pain.  There are holistic ways to treat your shoulder, surgery is not always necessary.  Rewire and map your neuro-muscular connections and bring balance to your shoulder joints.

Make small changes to the way you practice yoga and learn the correct way to practice key postures.  Strengthen your shoulder before attempting the more difficult yoga postures.  Improve your yoga practice by strengthening your shoulders and learn the correct pathway of weight.

Date:  22 January 2022
Time:  2pm – 4:30pm
Cost:  R350