NourIsht – Recover and Reconnect

Workshop with Santhum Moodley and Debbie Tam

In this world of change, we have been thrown into disruption some have lost significant relationships , job security , homes or just entered into deep despair…

Where does this leave you? How does this leave you?…. Or does it really leave you?

In all this external turmoil, we enter an internal world some may call the dark night of the soul. In this darkness there is light, and we all seek our Nour-Isht (desire for divine light). Through integrating our mind, body, and soul wisdom we will begin to unleash our potential and purpose.

We need to acknowledge the journey and then move through, with, or past these moments.

In this workshop we will use yoga and breathwork to enter into your dissatisfaction, loss, hurt, restlessness or curiosity that you are experiencing. The emotions we feel, points us in the direction of our sacred contract (soul journey). We dig into the deep wisdom that our soul tells us.

Whether you want to overcome this feeling or want to know why you exist – we will help you begin the journey of unfolding your sacred contract through the integration yoga by asana, dhyana, dharana and pranayama in creating opportunities to work with your current state.

When:          Saturday 27 August 2022
Time:            1 pm – 3:00pm
Where:         Earth Yoga Studio
Fee:              R300 includes Golden turmeric latte and Q&A afterwards

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