Happy Hips Yoga Workshop

happy hips yoga workshop

We’ve been sitting and zooming, it’s time to get moving!

Keeping our hips active with healthy and well balanced movement will keep us young, mobile and dis-ease free for longer.

What to expect from this happy hips yoga workshop:

Starting with a quick introduction to the anatomy of the hip. We will then look at basic movements and assess the body and analyze how each individual moves their hips.  We look at habitual movements and how they show up in the assessment, and discuss the best way forward.

Warming up with movements that target the full range of movement of the hip and stabilizes the necessary muscles.  Moving on to traditional yoga postures we will break down some of the most popular and most practiced postures.

Afterwards, flow through a Vinyasa sequence and attempt more challenging postures. Our bodies are ready we now understand more about the postures and how our hips move.

Winding down with delicious longer holds and yin yoga stretches. As a result melt into savasanna.

Studies show that a huge part of our brain in linked to movement.  We need to keep moving to stay alive and keep our brains active.  A little bit a day goes a long way.  In this workshop learn the tools to keep your hips going and avoid expensive surgeries and painful encounters in the future.  Learn to do those postures and movements again you did as a child (like squat).  Learn a more natural way to move and keep your hips happy!

Izelle Nair will be leading this happy hips yoga workshop, here are the details:

Where:  Earth Yoga Studio

When:  Saturday 26 March

Time:  11am – 1:30pm

Fee:  R350

Book:  https://bookamat.co/embed/schedule/earth-yoga-and-merschool/book/458215

Limited space, please book!  This happy hips yoga workshop is open to all bodies and experience levels.