Firey Flow with Charlize Tomaselli

About Charlize

Charlize is a 500 hour qualified Yoga teacher trained in Thailand, India and South Africa. She is the owner of Monsoon Yoga, a studio based in Durban, KZN that focuses on Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Charlize has been teaching yoga for 10 years and her love of philosophy and anatomy means her classes are routed in yogic knowledge. Charlize’s playful personality means that her sequences are dynamic, interesting and designed to keep you present in the moment!

About Firey Flow

This two hour sequence is based on continuous movement of breath, harmonising our flow with some funky music. We move away from strict structures of sequence and alignment and rather create unique, energising flows using the traditional asana as a starting point of creative play. It is gentle movement accessible to all abilities but due to the constant flow of the class it builds up heat and ‘fire’ allowing the practitioner to engage with the kundalini energy. It can feel fairly intense at points and at other times there is a deep sense of release. A must for yogi’s wanting to try something different and really connect to a “moving meditation”.

When:  Friday 13 September
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: R250
Book: Limited space please book: