Conscious Breathwork with Joanne Farrell

Join us for an afternoon of connecting, reflecting and Self discovery.  Journey with us to the inner realms and together we will let go, move, share, breathe and feel.

The breath is a healer and can take you to spaces of profound clarity, deep insight and heart opening connection. When used effectively the breath alone has the power to create radical transformation in our lives. 

This ceremonial experience begins with eye-gazing, movement, touch, sharing and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular connected breathing that is sensitively guided and lovingly supported.

If you have something you might like to let go of, or perhaps you would you like to experience more freedom, peace and flow in your life then join us for this life changing conscious connected breathing practice.

Conscious Breathwork is a practical, safe and easy technique that can unravel unconscious programming which inhibits the flow of life. Common reports from breathers are experiences of deep self awareness, a connection to our true nature, peace, compassion and self acceptance. Visions, expanded emotional awareness, peak experiences of oneness, and spiritual breakthroughs are also common reports.

On a physical level there are many benefits that can also occur:

Accelerated oxygenation of the body, emotional detoxification of the body, release of cellular memory/trauma and many more.


When:  18 November 2017
Time:  2pm – 5pm
Book:  [email protected]
Cost:  R350

More about Joanne Farrell:


“I’m here to help you liberate your joy, remember your divine essence and embrace the richness that life is always offering you. Tune into your hearts truth and remember your divine nature as you align with the wise eternal part of you that has all the answers.”

Joanne’s passion lies in using the power of the breath and movement as a tool for healing and empowering your life.  Joanne  is a certified professional breathworker with over 13 years studying and assisting in a wide variety of personal transformational trainings  across the globe. She has been  practicing breathwork since 2006 and has studied with a multitude of highly acclaimed teachers.

She believes breathwork is one of the most powerfully transformational tools on the planet and that you can create profound clarity and positive shifts in your life and relationships through this practice.

Breathwork as it helps her to experience more freedom in herself, to see life more clearly from the heart perspective and to tap into the sanctuary of her divine feminine self and it is from this place that she share this magic with the world.

Joanne has also studied a variety of dance teacher trainings,  yoga interests, landmark education courses, she also has certificates in mediumship, Brandon Bays Journey work and life-coaching. After a thriving career traveling the world working on mega yachts and studying the healing arts Joanne is now passionate about supporting others to feel empowered while navigating the full experience of life.