Conscious Breathwork Women’s Journey

Come and join us for an awakening ceremony of the breath, as we join together and take a sacred pause from the busy-ness of life. Time to come home to yourself. Feel nourished, nurtured and supported and allow the breath to take you to higher levels of consciousness.
Conscious Breathwork is an empowering, heart opening journey into yourself, revealing gifts within and allowing you to feel vibrant aliveness and deeper presence in your life.

On this journey you can have access to boundless states of epiphany and insights, deep clarity, the unravelling of tension from mind & body, deep healing and so much more.
This is a beautiful, luscious 3 hour ceremony which includes conscious loving practices to help open our hearts, movement medicine to loosen our minds, sound healing, sharing and a 1 hour empowering conscious connected breathwork journey.

Date: Sunday 8 July
Time 2pm-5pm
Investment in yourself: R350
Book: Limited space please book with [email protected]