Budokon Workshop Series

Do you like to challenge yourself?  Do you like fluid and natural movement?

Join Dave Gardner for a series of Budokon workshops exploring the following:

9 June Floating and Bending
Connect to the power and grace of the spine

7 July Yogis and Warriors
Explore the circular fluidity and flow of martial arts

4 August Locomotion and fluidity
Play, Dance, Crawl, Move, Leap, Slide, Roll, Swing, Love

1 September Yin Samurai
The Art of Restoration, Breath and Meditation

Open to anyone and everyone.  Variations for first time beginners to advanced students.  All workshops on Friday nights from 6pm – 9pm.

R1200 for all 4 workshops, or R350 per workshop

Book with [email protected]

What is Budokon?










Budokon means ‘The way of the warrior spirit’.  The philosophy is that the way we do anything, is the way we do everything.  The physical practice is the integration of yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion and calisthenics.  The movement is natural and intuitive with intelligent transitions.  Budokon was founded by Cameron Shayne, considered the father of the mixed movement arts culture.  Read more…

Who is Dave Gardner?

I am a human. Inspired by the natural world, I have followed my intuition and explored the inner and outer reaches of this thing we call life. Seeking out teachers and friends that have helped me help myself and been by my side, my immersion into the practices of Yoga have been guided by legends.

I met Jim Harrington in 2011 and began studying with him in 2012 (this has lead to this very moment now), with many workshops, trainings and epic adventures along the way. While in India with Jim, I met Aditi Gaur of The Himalayan Yoga Tradition in 2013 in Rishikesh and have nurtured the powerful subtlety of her teachings. Immersing deeper into the practice of Synergy, Jim invited Simon Borg-Olivier to South Africa for the first time in 2014, which led me to following Simon to India to study with him and Bianca Machliss in 2015.

Rediscovering the power of natural and spinal movement, and longing to reconnect with my Muay Thai practice, I discovered Cameron Shayne and Budokon Yoga, a synthesis of Martial Arts, Yoga, Calisthenics and Animal Locomotion. I have recently returned from studying with Cameron and am focussed on sharing my experience. All these teachers have been leaders, with a sense of powerful humility they have inspired me through their lives, and created a willingness within myself, to empower myself, and through this empower others. This is what I look to share…while moving, jumping, floating, flying, crawling, swinging, rolling, laughing and loving around like the monkey I am!

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