Begin Sky Yoga


Sky Yoga is a modern and contemporary style of yoga where traditional poses are practiced with the aid of a hammock.

Your relationship to gravity is altered, your attention to balance and stability is heightened and your body is left stronger and more flexible.

Learn the basics such as the correct placement of the hammock and correct practice of postures.  Learn how to build upper body strength and stabilize your shoulder joints.

This workshop will include a combination of floor and aerial yoga postures, basic tumbles and tricks as well as deep stretches and relaxation.

Izelle Nair is leading this workshop. She has several years teaching experience in Sky Yoga and has a regular Sky Yoga practice.

When: Saturday 26 August

Time:  12 – 3pm


Sunday 27 August from 9:30am.

Book:  Only 6 hammocks, please book

Fee:  R350

Please wear comfortable clothing and no jewelry.