Begin Sky Yoga

This fun and dynamic style of yoga will take your yoga practice to new heights!

Sky Yoga makes use of a silk hammock, allowing us to practice those difficult postures with ease whilst building the muscle memory and confidence.  We also make use of our pulling muscles more balancing our floor practice where we are always using muscles to push.  Sky Yoga develops upper body strength and core, and improves flexibility and strength.

This workshop is aimed at people that are new to Sky Yoga. Ideally you should have been to a regular yoga class before! We will cover the basics and go through the postures and movements step by step.

This Begin Sky Yoga workshop is lead by Izelle Nair.

Reconnect with your inner child and have a great time!

When:  Sunday 28 April

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

R250, please book here: