Begin Budokon Yoga Workshop

In this workshop Izelle Nair will share with you the unique Budokon Yoga Primary Series. If you like to move, sweat, be challenged and learn something new, then this workshop is for you! Learn the basics of Budokon Yoga movement and philosophy or refine your practice if you are a regular practitioner of Budokon Yoga.

We will go through the 7 sections of the Budokon Yoga Primary Series. We will play with fun transitions and animal locomotion. We will have a serious look at our minds and how we behave. We will work hard.  We will face our fears and shame. We will acknowledge our story.

Ultimately we want to think like a yogi, live like a warrior and move like an animal!

What is Budokon Yoga?


Budokon means ‘The way of the warrior spirit’.  This name was chosen to represent a person living the WAY of the betterment of all humanity achieved through the SPIRIT of unwavering virtue and defended by the WARRIOR’s service, protection, and courage. The philosophy is that the way we do anything, is the way we do everything.  The physical practice is the integration of yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion and calisthenics.  The movement is natural and intuitive with intelligent transitions.  Budokon was founded by Cameron Shayne in 2001, considered the father of the mixed movement arts culture.  Read more…


When:  Sunday 24 June

Time:  10:00 – 13:00

Cost: R350

Book:  [email protected]