Yoga Basics 101

Develop an injury free yoga practice

The only guideline we have with regards to the physical postures in Patanjali’s Sutras (ancient Sanskrit text) is Stirah Sukham Asanam.  This can be translated to steady and joyful seat.  In this simple guideline lie so much truth and wisdom and it’s easily overlooked.  These days we want to look good in the poses and we get so caught up in the asana that we completely forget the most important reason why we step on the mat in the first place!  Yoga helps us to heal by learning about ourselves and being truthful to ourselves, and reconnect to our true authentic happiness.

Yoga brings body mind and soul into balance.  When our being is out of balance we manifest disease and we feel disconnected and unhappy.  Even by learning the tools if they are not correctly applied we miss out on its true potential.  Postures must be practiced while being relaxed and breathing easily.  Injury happens when we force it and when we move from a place of ego and judgement.  Learn how to utilize this toolbox of yoga in the correct way and cultivate an injury free practice from the start.  Cultivate the good habits that will last you many years so that you can move gracefully and at ease well into your old age.

This workshop will introduce you to:

  • basic yogic philosophy
  • basic asana (postures) and correct alignment
  • introduction to life force energy

Please contact us for more information.  Please book as there is limited space available.

Date:  29 August 2015

Time:  12 – 3pm

Investment:  R250 – includes refreshments and manual

Book:  [email protected]

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