Womb Yoga and Cycle Awareness

A workshop for women for self care and self discovery.

Womb Yoga is the practice of connecting to the natural cycles around us. Our womb cycles, lunar cycles, seasons and our menstrual cycle. It reconnects us to our inner wisdom with profound beautiful, feminine practices. Womb yoga is self accepting, kind and nourishing
This workshop is open for all women; for those working with menstrual problems, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal and menopause or if you are just intrigued! no experience needed

Using cycle awareness to guide a yoga practice, we can become more in-tune with the needs of our whole being, take deeper rest when we need and be more productive when we have more energy. We can work deeper with individual practices to help with physical and emotional problems, assisting to bring relief. The longer we practice with the whole cycle in mind, we can deepen the awareness and connection to the rhythm of our being and life.
This workshop will be fun, accessible and empowering helping you build your own practice, learning to listen deeper to the heart and the womb wisdom.

I am a yoga and massage therapist, women’s wellness mentor and artist.
I help women, of all ages, take charge of their own health and well-being, by learning about their own inner power and wisdom. 

‘I guide you to understand your own strength, passions and gifts. I help you build a positive relationship with your menstrual cycles and menopause journeys or your pregnancies and births. You will discover your own inner teacher/guide/guru or goddess. This with revitalise and balancing your own health and well-being giving you the possibility to create a life that is true to your heart’


Saturday 8 December

12 – 14:30


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