Soma Yoga with Izelle

What is Soma Yoga?

Soma Yoga refers to Somatic Movement Therapy.  Somatic means embodied. To live within your skin, mindfully exploring your aliveness. This style of yoga is focused on movements that soothes and resets the nervous system.

How does it work?

Nature has her own design, and when we tap into this design and move in a natural and intuitive way, as nature intended, we bring our mind body system back into homeostasis.  We work with the vagus nerve in mind and use gentle soothing movements, breath and sound to stimulate this very important nerve.

In this practice we do not stretch, but rather pandiculate.  It’s a yawn in the body, an expansion that brings an experience of wholeness.  It is movement from within, an inner myofascial release.

Enjoy a soft movement practice after sunset, with candle light taking you deeper within. Reset, restore and renew.

Your host

This class is lead by Izelle Nair, who was hugely influenced by Yasmin Lambat’s Bodysensing method. She found this practice through her struggle with gut issues and challenges with PTSD.

Soma yoga is for you if you have an illness, injury, or suffer from anxiety, PTSD and stress.


When: Saturday 31 August
Time:  6pm – 8pm
Cost: R250
Book:  Limited space, please book: