Budokon Primary Series Workshop

Budokon Yoga is one of five disciplines in the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts system. The yoga practice was developed 18 years ago and is influenced by philosophies from Brazilian Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Karate and Zen. Having trained with founder of Budokon, Cameron Shayne, in all five disciplines, I would like to share his framework with you, to enable you to become better movers, fighters and human beings.

The Budokon Primary Sequence – the foundation of the Budokon practice – is beautifully choreographed and has been layered to develop any individual. Whether beginner or advanced, people of all skill levels will be challenged throughout the practice. You will develop your inner scientist, philosopher and artist through the yoga practice, and gain an understanding of the way your body functions, why you are using it, and how to express it.

The Primary Intensive workshop aims to help you observe your movement so that you can see how to improve your practice. It will help you identify missing elements and further develop your
strength, balance, locomotion, and intention. The workshop will explore all seven sections of the Primary Sequence, which includes the art of floating, balancing, and moving on your hands and feet. We will also explore how to adapt your practice to prevent injury and increase your current capacity.

You will leave with:

 An understanding the primary sequence.
 Principles of floating to squat, forward fold, boat, crow, crane (and progressions towards floating).
 Principles of balancing in inversions, on your feet.
 Primal animal locomotion.
 Confidence in your practice.
 A deeper body awareness.

Date: 2 February 2019
Time: 12h00 – 15h00
Place: Earth Yoga Studio, Kyalami
Cost: R 300 (R250 if you book before 14 Jan)
Limited spaces, please BOOK