Backbends with Susanna Smith

Maybe you find backbends easy and yummy, or maybe they are hard and no fun?  Or maybe your experience is somewhere in between.

And yes, it’s often one or both that rings true, even if you have been practicing them for a long time.

So come and learn how to ooze into them with a better understanding.

We will work through the basics and some Yin poses, progressing deeper with the aid of twists, forward folds and props.

It’s about experimenting, laying it all out on the floor and then using that which accommodates your body best for that day.

Join Susanna on Saturday 23 May from 12pm.  

Fee:  R250

Please Book:  [email protected]


About Susanna Smith

Yoga and I bumped into one another in some dark alley not so many moons ago. I apologized and was about to make my get-away, when my eye caught a glimpse of something shiny hanging round yoga’s neck…It’s almost seven years later, and every once in a while i see something shiny hanging around my own neck, if only for a fleeting moment ,and then I know why I am on this journey and willing to travel with this now life-long friend who goes by the name of yoga.

My wish is that you may see all your teachers as carriers of that shining spark, who might just change your life into something you can love.

The many teachers that shared their time (naming but a few); Cherryl Duncan, Sarah Bentz, Sarah Yates, Olivier David, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Michael Gannon, Patrick Creelman, Ana Forrest, Sean Corn, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Melissa Capezzuto.