Pratyahara – Yin Soma Workshop with Usi


Yin Somatic Therapy Workshop with Usisipho Nteyi

Pratyahara means to withdraw the senses, to go inwards and listen.

This 3 hour therapeutic and restorative workshop serves as a guide to everything yin and somatic movement based, from the numerous health benefits to how you can practice at home.

Consider it your yin and soma yoga crash course.

This workshop is for beginners and people who are prone to pain or suffering from an injury, or people who experience difficulties with depression and PTSD.  The obejective is to overcome chronic pain by retraining the nervous system for the healing of the body.

You will need:

  • strap / band / scarf
  • bolster or pillow
  • wall


  • PDF manual with illustrations
  • Audio recorded meditation
  • Video recorded ‘Yin Bed’ sequence

Date:  27 June 2020
Time:  Saturday 2pm – 5pm
Fee:  R350