Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Restore body, mind and soul. Reconnect to the peace within. Rest with intention and downgrade your nervous system. Its that time of year where it’s time to slow down. Turn inwards and top up your life force. This 90 minute class will leave you feeling blissed out and re-energized. What […]

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Yoga Teacher Training August 2022

In Depth Yoga Teacher Training Become a certified Yoga Teacher This 200 hour Internationally Certified course covers a wide range of topics, postures and philosophy.  Find your authentic voice and style; and teach what makes your soul happy.  Learn from teachers with over 10 years of experience. On completion you can register with the Yoga […]

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Happy Hips Yoga Workshop

happy hips yoga workshop

We’ve been sitting and zooming, it’s time to get moving! Keeping our hips active with healthy and well balanced movement will keep us young, mobile and dis-ease free for longer. What to expect from this happy hips yoga workshop: Starting with a quick introduction to the anatomy of the hip. We will then look at […]

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Yoga for Freedivers

yoga for freedivers

A Freediving and Yoga Experience for Beginner Freedivers (R250 including yoga session, 10am – 12:30pm) Come and experience the silence of the underwater world…. A journey into yourself. Through freediving and yoga; you learn about yourself, your body and how you think. It’s also a wonderful way to keep fit and stay young at heart. […]

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Yoga for Complete Beginners

If you are new to yoga, or if you want to refresh your yoga knowledge, then our new classes are for you! We recently expanded our yoga studio and added more Begin Yoga classes. In this beginnner yoga class you will learn: How to work with Yoga Props Basic yoga philosophy Learning postures from the […]

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