Yoga for Freedivers

yoga for freedivers

A Freediving and Yoga Experience for Beginner Freedivers (R250 including yoga session, 10am – 12:30pm) Come and experience the silence of the underwater world…. A journey into yourself. Through freediving and yoga; you learn about yourself, your body and how you think. It’s also a wonderful way to keep fit and stay young at heart. […]

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Breath workshop with Caitlin

Breath… our most powerful Ally. Breath, our life long companion. The one thing that we are constantly doing, which we actually have control over. But have you ever been taught HOW to breathe? Breath is something that I, like most people, took for granted that my body instinctively knows how to do. I could not have been […]

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Breathwork Workshop

Join a supportive group of like minded woman for an afternoon of connecting, reflecting and Self discovery.  Journey with us to the inner realms and together we will move, share, breathe, let go and feel. Call in what you wish to manifest for 2018 using the power of the breath. Melt away the layers and […]

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