Earth Yoga Celebrates 5th Birthday


We are so overwhelmed and grateful! ¬†We cannot believe that it’s been five years of Inhale and exhale ūüėČ ¬†Happy Birthday Earth Yoga! Wow! ¬†We have come a long way! ¬†We hope that Earth Yoga means as much to you as it does to us. ¬†We hope you know that we appreciate you. ¬†Thank YOU! […]

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Budokon Workshop Series

Dave budokon workshop

Do you like to challenge yourself? ¬†Do you like fluid and natural movement? Join Dave Gardner for a series of Budokon workshops exploring the following: 9 June Floating and Bending Connect to the power and grace of the spine 7 July Yogis and Warriors Explore the circular fluidity and flow of martial arts 4 August […]

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Begin Yoga Weekend Workshops


Stressed? ¬†Overworked? ¬†Back pain? You need Yoga! Izelle Nair is leading a weekend of yoga workshops that will introduce you to yoga and what it’s all about. ¬†Learn to practice asana (postures) safely and enjoy the calming effects of meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises). These tools will help you to manage a stressful lifestyle and […]

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Free Your Spine

back bends free your spine

Back bends are the perfect antidote to our modern lifestyle. If done correctly back bends heal and correct bad posture, improve breathing and heal the spine. This workshop will focus not only on the spine but all the muscles around it which might restrict it’s movement. We will use the breath to find bandhas, deep […]

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Corporate Mindfulness Courses

corporate mindfulness

Day to day work consists of a lot of stress and heavy work schedules. Anxiety and stress are a common phenomenon in the workplace. ¬†Companies worldwide are showing interest in¬†Mindfulness. Mindfulness is about paying attention in a specific way, that is the present moment. Non-Reactive, Non Judgmental and as open hearted as possible. We are […]

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