Birthday Yoga Event

4 years ago I woke up one morning with this burning desire to open a yoga studio in Kyalami.  We saw the empty space at the Suite Life Center a while back and this idea was pestering me for a few weeks.  In the past I’ve learnt to trust this invisible hand that guides me, and I knew I had to act on this idea.  A new life had to be born.  A new entity has to come into being.

In the beginning it was tough.  Very tough.   There were days I thought I wasn’t going to make it.  I just wanted to give up and run away.  I would hear a voice in the back of my mind telling me to push on, to trust, and to let go.  I did.  And it all worked out!

Now, 4 years later many people call Earth Yoga Studio their home.  Many people have found refuge hear and come here to heal.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning!

Join us on this special day to celebrate Earth Yoga’s birthday.  The regular schedule will apply on the day, and from 12pm there will be several workshops that you can book for.  Join us later in the evening from 7:30pm for a Potluck, bring something yummy to share.

When:  Saturday 16 July 2016
Where:  Earth Yoga Studio
Book:  Please book for workshops after 12pm.  Booking essential!

Schedule till 11:45am, regular classes and Earth Yoga membership apply:

Vinyasa yoga:  7:30 – 9am
Hatha yoga:  9 – 10am
Pregnancy yoga:  10:05 – 11:05am
Kids yoga:  11:15 – 11:45am

Workshops from 12pm, please book:

12pm – 2pm:  Introduction to Hatha Yoga with Izelle – R250

Please book


Hatha yoga’s roots lie in Ancient India.  Discover where this beautiful physical practice comes from, and how it influences the modern world today.

Hatha yoga is the science of right living.  Learn the fundamentals and the essentials.  Take the first step to improve your health and well being.  Take control of your body, your breath, your mind and therefore your life.  Your body has everything inside it self to heal it self.  With the right frame of mind anything is possible.

We will go through the history of yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and basic asana (postures).  This workshop is open to all, even if you have a regular practice it is good to come back to the fundamentals.  Even a small change to movements you do all the time will add up to big changes!

This workshop includes a printed manual.

2pm – 3:30pm:  Introduction to Sky Yoga with Sajiv – R250

Please book


Dare to dream, dare to fly, dare to be the ever chosen one to touch the sky. Try Sky Yoga!

Sky Yoga offers an authentic yoga experience that works with gravity to relax and realign the body, centers the mind and uplift the spirit.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the basics of Sky Yoga.  Have an opportunity to challenge yourself in a safe environment to be playful, learn something new, refine elements in your regular practice that only Sky Yoga brings awareness to, and explore yoga from a new perspective both in the air and on the ground.

No previous aerial, acrobatic, or Yoga experience is necessary.

4 – 5:30pm:  Acro yoga jam – Free

acro yay

When I was little my oldest sister used to pick me up and put me on her feet as she was lying on her back.  She would fly me through the air while I shrieked from delight.  I am very fond of these memories.

As we get older we get so stuck in our lives and we completely forget about those care free times.  We grow older and older the as we play less and less.  We believe as adults we have to be responsible.  Oh what will the people think if we shriek from delight?

You are never too old to play!  You are never too old to have fun!  Acro yoga is for all ages and all bodies.  You will soon learn to trust the community and allow them to uplift you.

No experience required!  No partner needed.  This workshop is open to all levels.

6 – 7:30pm:  Magical Drumming Circle with Bianca- R250

Please book

boho drum ppl

‘Amongst the heart of the drum, we all become one’ Bianca du Toit

Lifting consciousness and vibration to promote healing and well being for people and the Earth is what Bianca’s work is all about.  Trained as a holistic health practitioner and energy healer, Bianca has been fascinated by the incredible effect drumming has on our physical and energy body as an individual and as a collective group.

No drumming experience needed and a drum will be provided.

Please bring something vegetarian or vegan to share afterwards.

Special Birthday offer:  3 month unlimited yoga @ R1 500, valid on 16 July only!