Yoga Etiquette

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when practicing yoga at a studio:

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the studio.
  • Try to arrive early for class.  If you are late for class, try not to disturb the other students when you enter the room.  Enter the room quietly, or wait till the initial meditation is over before entering.
  • If you do arrive early for class, and some of the students are meditating, please do not talk loudly so you do not disturb them.
  • Don’t bring your water bottle and phone into the class.  Chances are good the teacher will kick over your bottle, and you phone will ring in Shavasana.  Make sure you hydrate properly before and after your practice.
  • Inform your teacher if you have any injuries, or if you are pregnant.
  • Don’t wear strong cologne or perfume.  Be mindful to the other students.
  • Please do not eat a big meal 2 hours before your practice.
  • If you sweat a lot and leave a puddle around your mat, please wipe up with your towel.