Sky Yoga Teacher Training

Presented by Candice Baker

Sky yoga is a blend of yoga and aerial skills.  It’s a great way to keep your yoga practice creative and a fun way to add new challenges.  Suspension fitness has many advantages over traditional training.  The aerial hammock allows you to master complex yoga poses and inversions whilst being supported in the fabric.  Inverted postures decompress the spine and cartilage, helping to alleviate back pain and pinched nerves.

Elevating limbs utilizes gravity to deepen your stretches and achieve maximum results from your yoga practice.  Relaxing in a yoga hammock lends a new dimension of bliss to your meditation, which is usually on achieved by flotation tank therapy.

Course outline

This course consists of 1 theory module and 8 lesson plans.  Sessions spanning beginner to intermediate practice are included

Theory modules include:

  • History of yoga
  • Basic anatomy
  • Muscles and common injuries
  • Types of learning and students
  • preparing for a class
  • yoga breathing
  • spotting
  • chakras
  • relaxation
  • meditation

Included in this course:

  • Full colour 100 page manual
  • 8 lesson plans with full colour photographs
  • DVD with all 8 lesson plans filmed in the same order as the manual

Dates:  25 – 29 July 2022, 9am – 4pm

Fees: R7900 full course fee or pay only R6900 early bird fee by 30 May 2022.  Payment plans available, R3 000 deposit to secure your space.

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Meet Candice

I started yoga at the age of 21, and studied psychology, I’ve always had an interest in the mind body connection. My passion is to help and empower people through Wellness coaching.
 I teach women to believe in themselves and to appreciate their bodies through pole fitness, Zero Gravity Yoga & mermaiding.
I also love Aerial silks, trapeze and lyra… Anything that keeps my feet off the ground!
I teach yoga and all my favorite things, as well as certify other instructors in my own proudly South African brand called Zero Gravity Yoga.
I have an unlimited supply of Zen in my life,  and train and host retreats all over.
In my spare time I perform at festivals in the fire and aerial arts.
My passion is to make appearances as a mermaid and to teach women how to join me underwater at MerSwim SA!