Backbends with Susanna Smith

Susanna Smith Backbend

Maybe you find backbends easy and yummy, or maybe they are hard and no fun?  Or maybe your experience is somewhere in between. And yes, it’s often one or both that rings true, even if you have been practicing them for a long time. So come and learn how to ooze into them with a […]

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Africa Acro Yoga 18 April

Life is more fun when you are laughing

AcroYoga is the combination of the wisdom of yoga, the fun of acrobatics and the loving kindness of Thai massage. These three lineages create trust, community and playfulness. Lois and Ben from Africa Yoga Journey started the Africa Acro Yoga community in 2011. Their playful kind natures are infectious and will have you laughing, relaxing […]

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Play, Laugh Connect and Fly with Isabel Essen

Earth Yoga-Joburg_Acro Workshop Flyer_8May2015

AcroYoga Workshop with Visiting Teacher Isabel Essen Our All Levels Acro Workshop “Play, Laugh, Connect & Fly” with visiting teacher Isabel guarantees to take your Acro practice to the next level if you are a seasoned Acro monkey or gets you started off in a safe and fun environment with this playful community practice if […]

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Advanced Hip-Opening Workshop with Casey

Casey hip opener workshop

The lotus flower has its roots in the soil of the pond, it blooms face toward heaven, it moves with the water yet doesn’t lose its rooting. It’s grounded yet spiritual and possesses a calm, quiet peace and beauty.  The perfect symbol of the Yoga practice and the Lotus position. Please join Casey for an […]

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Arm Balances with Steven Heyman

Steven arm balance

Join Steven for a fun-filled workshop focusing on arm balances and inversions. The workshop will start with a sequence designed to bring awareness to our core, arms and shoulders and increase our hamstring and hip flexibility. After that we will move through a variety of arm balances and inversions, starting from the very basics all […]

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