Introduction to Yoga Workshop


Perhaps a doctor recommended that you try yoga?  Or perhaps a friend is doing it and can’t stop talking about it?  Wherever you heard or saw yoga, you have this feeling you just have to try it? Yoga is the science of right living and when we incorporate the philosophy in our daily lives, magic […]

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New Year Offer

Happy Life

During January 2016 buy 2 monthly unlimited class cards for only R1 100! This year, instead of committing to the regular old gym routine that will only work your body, rather join a regular yoga class and build more than just your muscles!  Build the relationship with yourself as you embark on this journey of […]

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Yoga Nidra with Swami Yogasagar

Shirted Swami large

A yogi is one who is detached and liberated (moksha) from the influence of the mind. We often hear teachers advising us to live in the moment. But how is it possable when the mind is full of desire and reacting to every experience with strong emotional involvement. Yoga Nidra is an experience that can […]

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Find your Yoga with Dave Gardner


The Float of the Butterfly, The Sting of the Bee Find your inner super-yogi-warrior powers to make the hard things easy and the easy things easier! Exploring methods and techniques from Yoga Synergy, Dave Gardner will share an integrated and fun practical workshop that will bring awareness to the internal and external movement of your body, breath and mind, leading to a […]

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Yoga Basics 101

Yoga basics 101 JPEG

Develop an injury free yoga practice The only guideline we have with regards to the physical postures in Patanjali’s Sutras (ancient Sanskrit text) is Stirah Sukham Asanam.  This can be translated to steady and joyful seat.  In this simple guideline lie so much truth and wisdom and it’s easily overlooked.  These days we want to […]

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