Beginner Yoga Special Offer


New to yoga?  Don’t know what downward facing dog is?  Wondering if you could stand on your head? If you would like to learn all about yoga and start a regular practice, then this special offer is for you! Beginner Yoga Special Offer @ R2 000 includes: 3 months unlimited yoga yoga mat Earth Yoga T-shirt […]

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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


Learn how to teach yoga and deepen your own practice with this 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course.  Learn from teachers that live the lifestyle and have many years of experience.  After completing this course successfully you can register with the Yoga Alliance in the USA. This yoga teacher training course is focused on […]

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The Bhagavad-gita and Bhakti Yoga


By a 30 year practitioner and teacher of Bhakti yoga, Nrsimhananda Dasa. After completing his Honors in Computer Science at WITS in 1992 he started focusing towards his spiritual quests. He has been since practicing and teaching the science and culture of the Bhakti Yoga for the past 30 years. He serves as the Co-International Director […]

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Share the love – Share a class card


Sharing is caring!  During February choose one friend / partner / lover / family member / spouse that you would like to share your class card with. Know somebody that need a little extra energy and love?  Connect and share with your friend on a deeper level and help them shift their negative energy.  Classes […]

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Budokon Yoga with Dave Gardner


“Budokon Yoga Workshop with Dave Gardner The Way We Do Anything Is The Way We Do Everything YOGA? MARTIAL ARTS? BUDOKON… Budokon Yoga honours its traditional roots of Hatha Yoga, while bringing a completely unique Martial Arts circular rotational influence, creating a seamless transition of continuos flow. In this workshop Dave will share the practical […]

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