Reflections of a yoga teacher on her training


The biggest lesson for me during teacher training was the incredible journey of connecting to my true Self. This journey helped me realize that the only way to improve my external conditions was to fix what was going on internally. The power is within me and all I need to do is tap into it. My […]

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The impact of injury on my yoga practice

Yoga injury

My introduction to yoga came unexpectedly in a Pilate’s class 13 years ago, when the instructor spontaneously demonstrated Sun Salutation A. What captured me the most was the breathing (Ujjayi breath). I instinctively knew that I had to learn how to coordinate my breath and movement. At forty years old, I was inflexible due to years of bad […]

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Ashtanga Yoga Immersion with Matt Sweeney


Ashtanga Yoga as developed by Sri K Pattabhi Jois is a yoga system that offers both physical challenges and spiritual fulfillment. Through transformative poses called asanas the body and mind of the student is slowly reshaped allowing for new openness of both movement and thought. Ashtanga Yoga is a system of knowledge passed from teacher […]

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Sky Yoga

sky aerial yoga

Sky yoga is a contemporary yoga style where traditional poses are performed with the aid of a fabric sling or hammock.  Classes are fun, challenging and diverse.  Inspired by the vinyasa style of yoga, the poses flow in creative sequences, your relationship to gravity is altered, your attention to balance and stability is heightened and […]

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Yoga and an injury


I started my yoga journey 2 years ago hoping that all the stretching that I had heard about would assist the nagging, persistent and sometimes sharp pain that I lived with in my lower back and hip. Needless to say I did not hold out much hope as I had been through the mill of doing exercise, staying […]

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