30 Day Yoga Challenge

Ready to change your lifestyle?  Or perhaps you are stuck in a rut? Psychologists advise that it takes 30 days to get into the groove of a new habit.  30 days are long enough to reap the benefits, but short enough to keep your motivation.   Intense focus and intention guarantees better follow-through and long term […]

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Yoga Workshop with Andreas Bothner


Earth Yoga will be hosting a Yoga Workshop on the 8th of September with Andreas Bothner.  Andreas is a qualified Pilates Instructor, Black Belt Karate, and has many years experience in different styles of yoga including Ashtanga Yoga. The workshop is ideal for anybody already training in some form of martial arts, cross training, as well as anybody that would […]

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Traffic Yoga in Kyalami

Kyalami estate yoga

We thought we’d brighten up Friday the thirteenth by busting some yoga moves and making peeps smile, one downward dog at a time  Yoga on the streets raised a lot of awareness and we got a ’10 points for originality’.  Keep a look out for traffic yoga in the Kyalami area.  We will be across the Kyalami […]

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Kids with ADD, yoga will help

joyful child

If you or your child suffer from ADD, you probably tried every drug on the market.  Like everything in life, to find a real solution to a challenge, you need to work hard at it and it will take time. Kids with ADD will initially struggle with yoga poses.  Their minds will quickly look for […]

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What is Yoga?

yoga class

Yoga means unity or oneness.  This unity spiritually refers to union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness.  On a more practical level, yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions.  This is done through the practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) meditation and other techniques. When we […]

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